The new J series four wheel electric counterbalance forklift can realize high lifting, long traveling and multiple shifting. Due to the soft landing system, the noise is greatly reduced. With the wide view mast, the forward visibility is enhanced. In addition, this truck can be provided with both AC and DC systems for option. According to customers' demand, side battery change is also available. Furthermore, the battery is installed at the lowest part of the truck frame, so as to ensure traveling stability and easy access to daily check. By the way, the forklift is a economical vehicle, as it requires minimized maintenance costs.

We are a professional J Series 1-3.5T forklift (four wheel) manufacturer in China. We offer a vast range of products, including 1-3.5T combustion counterbalance forklift truck, side loading forklift, internal combustion tow tractor and more.

Related Names
High-lift Electric Equilibrium Fork Truck | Long-travel Dynamoelectric Counterbalance Carry Truck | Multi-shift Accumulator Cell Forklift Truck