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Hangcha Group Company Ltd. is a major enterprise in the forklift equipment manufacturing industry of Zhejiang Province, and we are a leading forklift manufacturer in China. We have a complete product range of material handling equipment, including our 1-25T internal combustion counterbalance forklift, 1-5T truck counterbalance electric forklift, container forklift, warehouse truck, and more. In 2008, we were among the top 14 material handling equipment manufacturing companies in the world, and we ranked 12th in 2010. We are also one of the top 500 large enterprise groups in China. Utilizing our state-of-the-art R & D center and our provincial level technology center, our dedicated staff is one of the reasons we are a strong global supplier of our warehouse truck, tow tractor, and other material handling equipment. Our efficient production support system and a strong marketing service network includes more than 60 sales and service subsidiaries, more than 140 domestic dealers, and more than 70 foreign agents. Our team is committed to providing superior quality products and services to all our worldwide customers.

Hangcha Group Company Ltd. strives to be the best forklift manufacture in the world. Specializing in material handling equipment, and dedicated to quality improvement, we actively integrate our specialized production processes and excellent brand management skills, along with our progressive and entrepreneurial spirit, to produce the highest quality forklift equipment on the market.

Zhejiang Hangcha Import and Export Company Ltd. belongs to Hangcha Group Company Ltd., and is the only authorized agent active in the Hangcha brand import and export business.

Development History
1956 Approved by the municipal party committee, Hangzhou Mechanical Repair Factory was established by merging 18 small private companies and provided repair services for local industries.

1958 We were successful in the trial production of our first centrifugal pump, offering not only repair but also manufacturing service.

1959 Hangzhou Mechanical Repair Factory changed its name to Hangzhou Universal Machine Manufacturing Factory, specializing primarily in the production of metallurgical, mining, and other non-standard equipment.

1966-1974 The company focused mainly on the production of our C6-I, C6-II and CW6140 type ordinary machine tool equipment.

1974 We were successful in the trial production of our CZ3 type forklift.

1978 During the mass production of our CZ3 forklift, we were successful in the trial production of our CPC3 forklift, authorized by the Heavy Mining Machinery Bureau.
March-We officially became a professional forklift truck manufacturer.
April-We changed our name to Hangzhou Forklift Factory, and were approved by the Municipal Mechanical Bureau. Our CPC3 type forklift truck was put into mass production, marking the official start of our forklift manufacturing course.

1983 Hangzhou Machinery Bureau approved the establishment of the Hangzhou Forklift Institute, which is one of the industry's first research institutes.

1988 Our first million Hangcha forklift, named "Zhongshan", was produced and presented to China's Antarctic research station.

1991 Our CPC3 type forklift was rated as the national high-quality product and won the National Silver Medal, the industry's highest award.

1994 Our HC product was recognized as a Zhejiang Province famous brand product by the Provincial Economic and Trade Commission.

1995 Hangcha received ISO9000 certification.

2000 Hangzhou Forklift Company Ltd. was formally established and converted into a diversified ownership company. Controlled by the workers, the company became a legal entity, competitively adapting to the market.

2003 Through the second joint-stock restructuring, Zhejiang Hangcha Engineering Machinery Group Company Ltd. was established with a standardized corporate governing structure.

2005 With our third restructuring, Hangcha became a holding company with more than 40 holding subsidiaries, and we formed an effective operational system that could quickly respond to changes in the market.

2011 In order to further protect the company's brand, Zhejiang Hangcha Engineering Machinery Group Company Ltd. changed its name to Hangcha Group Company Ltd. Based on the original shareholders, business premises, and existing business and service, the company expanded its original business scope and increased its industrial investment, property management, and management information consulting.