A Series 1-3.5T Forklift (Four Wheel)

Streamlined outline, small dimension and metal material are employed in the exposed parts of this A Series 1-3.5T forklift (four wheel). Like A series truck, the new A series truck is also designed with solid frame. Featured with low noise, energy saving and no exhaust emission, all the performances of this vehicle meet the requirement of eco-friendliness. The employment of the new broad view mast, the small radius turning wheel and 150mm adjustable distance of seat in the forklift ensures a comfortable and ergonomical operation.

Besides, the machine is characterized by sinking type designed battery layout, big LED dashboard with running hours and self diagnosis function and the level of battery power is easy to see. The adoption of high efficiency AC system with full protection functions and self equipped temperature sensor, speed sensor in this product allows for better reliability and longer service life. Famous brand controllers, connectors, battery plug, emergency switch and dashboard are applied so as to ensure the reliability of the performance and easy operation.

The high frequency MOSFET controller provides accurate control of movement, lifting, better adjustable performance and secure stopping on ramp. Regenerative brake is used as the motor brake so as to conserve energy and ensure higher efficiency. Emergency switch is in standard specification which meets the Euro safety regulation. Besides, there's overloading protection for electronics and hydraulic system.

The 1-3.5 T counterbalance electric forklift meets the demands of CE certificate. Since there is no need to replace the carbon brush, the service cost for the driving motor is rather economical. The fully opened battery cover makes the battery service rather easy and the cover of the controller can be easily opened.

Technical Parameters of the A Series1.0-3.5T
Model CPD10-A CPD15-A CPD18-A CPD20-A CPD25-A CPD25-AL CPD30-A CPD35-A
Power Electric Electric Electric Electric Electric Electric Electric Electric
Rated capacity kg 1000 1500 1800 2000 2500 2500 3000 3500
Load center mm 500 500 500 500 500 500 500 500
Service weight kg 2940 2940 3090 3700 4180 4580 5050 5450
Height of OHG/(Height of higher overhead guard) mm 2050/2130 2050/2130 2050/2130 2075/2155 2075/2155 2110/2190 2110/2190 2110/2190
Overall width of Truck mm 1120 1120 1138 1265 1265 1265 1265 1302
Length of the face of forks mm 2098 2098 2098 2342 2342 2482 2502 2582
Forks, L x W x T mm 920x120x35 920x120x35 920x120x35 1070x122x40 1070x122x40 1070x122x40 1070x125x45 1070x125x50
Turning radius mm 1900 1900 1900 2090 2090 2230 2230 2310
* Both Curtis and Kollmorgen controller are available.
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